Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Help us Pay MM's Outrageous Jail Phone Bill

Last December, MM, a single mother of three who is fighting extradition to the US for the alleged "crime" of saving her kids from an abusive father, spent three weeks behind bars, getting released when Canada's Justice Minister agreed to review her case. Your strong support played a major role in this historic decision!

But one of the most oppressive parts of the jail system is the way in which it keeps loved ones from staying in touch. The price of receiving collect phone calls from jailed loved ones is enormous. In the case of MM, she came home from prison to face a phone bill of almost $800 just to stay in touch with her kids. Her support committee faced charges of over $250 as well.

MM is essentially housebound due to her bail conditions, and faces her phone getting cut off if she cannot pay the bill (she and her kids survive on meagre social assistance). The phone is her link to her lawyers, her support committee, and the outside world.

Women Who Choose to Live is accepting email money transfers to help MM pay off this debt. If you can help us out in any amount, that would be truly appreciated.

 Simply send an etransfer to tasc@web.ca . Funds received in excess of $800 will go to support programs for MM's kids.

While we need to change the system in the long run, in the short run, it would be great to help out MM.

Thanks again for your support!